Following is a list of the Data Stewards for Rose-Hulman. 


Rose-Hulman Institute Users.


Data Stewards


RHIT Functional Unit Data Stewards
Academic Affairs Acting Data Steward Academic Affairs Janie Szabo  
Enrollment Management Director of Enrollment Research and Support  Patty Trifone  
Financial Affairs HRIS Analyst in Human Resources   Deirdre Mahan  
Human and Environmental Services HRIS Analyst in Human Resources   Deirdre Mahan  
Institutional Advancement Executive Director of Advancement Services   Jennifer Kenzor  
Institutional Research, Planning, Assessment Director of Institutional Research   Timothy Chow  
Marketing and Communications User Experience Strategist Shaun Hussey  
Registrar Business Process Analyst, Registrar's Office Betsy Rodgers  
Rose-Hulman Ventures Director of Business Operations Robin Duncan  
Student Affairs Business Process Analyst, Student Affairs Office Kyle Rhodes  



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