If you are using a phone, a laptop, or a tablet, you should be using eduroam. If you are having troubles connecting to eduroam, please see KA-01213  · Customer Self-Service (

For any wireless device that cannot connect to eduroam on its own (like game consoles, smart TVs, smart bulbs, etc), you will need to have it connect to RHIT-OPEN. You will also need to register its MAC address first. You can register the MAC address by visiting Clearpass or by visiting EIT's section on MyRose

-To register the device, first find the device's MAC address. If you don't know how to find it for your device it is usually on the device physically or you can search online how to find it for the device in question. 

-Once you have the MAC address, sign in to Clearpass using your Rose-Hulman email address and password.

-Click Create Device. 

-Enter the MAC address, device name if desired, and if you want AirGroup to be enabled. If you have already created the device and need AirGroup enabled, make a service request with the MAC address and we can get it changed for you. 

-Once you are sure everything is correct, hit Create Device at the bottom. 

As a reminder, all laptops, smart phones, and tablets should only use eduroam.


If this information does not help resolve your issue and/or you need assistance from EIT, please submit an online service request at: or come by the EIT Service Desk in the lower level of Crapo. 

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