Rose-Hulman uses a print management tool (PaperCut) to facilitate network printing for students. There are 3 print queues for student use on campus:

  1. RHIT BW Printing - print queue for all student black and white HP printers
  2. RHIT Ricoh Printing - print queue for student black and white Ricoh printer in the Union
  3. RHIT Library Color Printing - print queue for the color printer located on the main floor of the Logan Library (for limited use)

Before installing one of these print queues and/or printing, make sure you are connected to the campus network (wireless users should be connected to eduroam)

STEP 1: Installing the print queue on your device (this should only need to be completed the first time you print, unless your device is factory reset or the print queue is otherwise removed)

1. Type "\\print" in the Windows search bar and press "Enter" to run the Print Command.
2. In the File Explorer window, select "RHIT BW Printing", "RHIT Ricoh Printing" or "RHIT Library Color Printing" and double-click to install. 


STEP 2: Printing from your Rose-Hulman laptop

1. Using the print option from your application, select the appropriate student print queue: "RHIT BW Printing" for HP printing in B&W, "RHIT Ricoh Printing" for Ricoh printing in B&W, or "RHIT Library Color Printing" for printing in color.
2. After submitting your print job, go to one of the student printers ( Each printer will have signage designating the name of the printer as well as a QR code to access the print queue. 


STEP 3: Releasing your print job

1. Using your phone/device camera, scan the QR code on the front of the printer. Tap the link and you will be redirected to a login page. (IPhone users: If you do not see the login page, check your network settings for eduroam and turn off "Limit IP address tracking" and "Private Wi-Fi Address." Then refresh the page.)
At the login prompt, input your Rose Hulman username (without and password and select "Remember me" to keep yourself signed in when accessing the queue page (Note: If you change your Rose-Hulman account password and try to access the queue page, you will be prompted to sign in again.)
3. Once you are signed in, you will see a list your current print jobs waiting to be released. To print a document, tap "Release". To delete a job, tap "Cancel".
Note: Any jobs in the queue that are not released within 24 hours will be removed

If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit the EIT Service Desk on the lower level of Crapo Hall.


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