Below are two options for users to create communication and collaboration groups.



Microsoft Team  

Create a Microsoft Team when collaborative tools like channels, posts, file sharing, and other SharePoint features are needed.

A Microsoft Team will include a corresponding Microsoft 365 group which includes a calendar/mailbox in Outlook, a SharePoint site and OneNote. 


Default settings  

  • By default, the MS Team will NOT show in Outlook as a group. If you would like it to appear in Outlook under groups, submit a Dynamics Service request for this configuration 

  • Default email domain name is “  




Microsoft 365 Group 

Create a Microsoft 365 Group when the primary purpose is to create an email communication group. The Microsoft 365 group shows up in Outlook (under groups) for all members of the group. 

You may invite external members to your M365 group as well. All members (internal or external) will be able to send and receive group messages.  


Default Settings 

  • Default email domain name is”. Please submit a Dynamics Service Request for an alias in domain “”.