Azure Virtual Desktop is installed on Lenovo P1G5 and P1G6 laptops - (Freshman and Sophmore models)


To access the available desktop you can use one of several clients. The web client allows access from any web browser but if you are able to use either the PC or Mac client it provides a better experience. You will also need to setup OneDrive - Rose-Hulman to open or save documents.  If you have any issues please contact the Rose-Hulman service desk and we will assist you.
PC Client

Azure Virtual Desktop Preview - Microsoft Store Apps

Install from the Microsoft Store

At the Let's get started screen click Subscribe

Click on your Rose account when pop up asks to Pick an account

RHIT Remote Services offer two options:

     1.  Public Lab is a basic installation and is NOT licensed for academic software

     2. RHIT Desktop offers the installation and academic software

**IMPORTANT**     Windows Security displays Enter your credentials - click on More choices - select your Rose email address and enter your password

When RHIT Desktop opens, there is a notification reminder that you will need to connect to your One Drive - Rose Hulman in order to save anything.  If you do not connect One Drive - Rose Hulman, when you disconnect from RHIT Desktop everything you have completed will be deleted. 

After connection, Azure Virtual Desktop will require Multi-Factor Authentication verification

Web Client
Remote Desktop Web Client
Mac Client
Microsoft Remote Desktop - Apple Store
Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application

In the Connection Center select + then Add Workspace 
Sign in with your Rose e-mail 
Enter the subscription URL

iOS Client

Android Client


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