Recover file from the Recycle Bin in Teams


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This has been tested on the Teams Application on Windows 10


Recoving Teams Files From Recycling Bin

Public Channels:

Teams uses SharePoint as its backend so the rules for files and recycle bin in Teams are the same for SharePoint. SharePoint URLs for Teams sites are


Files deleted from SharePoint are kept in the SharePoint site's Recycle Bin for 93 days or until deleted from the site's Recycle Bin (located by opening the Teams site in SharePoint via URL or in Teams by selecting the Team > ... in top right corner > Open in SharePoint). Then they are moved to the second stage Recycle Bin for 93 days or until they are deleted from the second stage Recycle Bin, after which Microsoft keeps a back up for 14 days from the date of the "final" deletion.


Items can be restored from the Recycle Bin by members of the Team, because they have permissions to files, by navigating to the Teams SharePoint Site > Selecting Recycle Bin in the left nav bar > Selecting the item from the Recycle Bin and clicking Restore along the top menu bar. Items can be restored from the second stage Recycle Bin only by site administrators (which would be the user who created the Team) by navigating to the Recyclye Bin as above and "selecting Check the second stage recycle bin" link at the bottom of the page and then following instructions above for restoring an item. The 14 day backup after an item has left the second stage recycle bin can only be restored in that window with a case from Systems to Microsoft Support.


Private Channels:

For uses involving Private Channels in teams, initial navigation to the site is slightly different.

Private Channels in Teams have their own SharePoint site. The URL for A Private Channels SharePoint site is

It can also be accessed from Teams by navigating to the Private Channel inside the Team and opening the SharePoint site from the menu there as above and the steps and rules for restoration follow standard SharePoint sites as above. Only members of the specific Private Channel will be able to see the Recycle Bin for it.

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