If Maple is not already installed on your computer, it can be installed from Software Center.  Once Maple has been installed, it can be activated by doing the following:

  1.  Click the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen.
  2.  Find Maple 2019 in the list of programs.  
  3.  Expand Maple 2019 by clicking the Small Arrow to the right of it.
  4.  Click Activate Maple 2019.
  5.  A window will open prompting you to log in in order to give Maple permission to make changes to your device.  Be sure to use .\localmgr in the field that asks for user name and your localmgr password.
  6.  An activation window will open and you will need to enter a Purchase Code.  This code is located in a document that was added to your desktop during the install.  Open the document and copy the code into the Purchase Code Box.  Then click Next.
  7.  A window will open and you will need to fill in the required fields (the ones in red).  Make sure to use your Rose-Hulman Email Address in the appropriate field.  You will need to check the box Consenting to the Collection of Information.  The product announcements check box is optional.   Then click Next.
  8.  You should then receive a popup that your activation was successful.  
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