To install Solidworks 2021


Rose-Hulman Institute issued machines, Windows, Off-campus


Uninstall any previous versions of Solidworks and make sure there is enough room in your drive to install a 20 GB program


Only on Windows


Installing Solidworks 2021

Installing SolidWorks is simple! Make sure you follow the below instructions exactly to obtain the program on your device. BE PATIENT! THIS IS A LARGE FILE AND WILL TAKE TIME FOR FILES TO OPEN.

  1. SolidWorks is approximately 20GB in size. You will need at least 25GB of space available (after uninstalling an old version of SolidWorks if necessary) to successfully install the 2021 version of SolidWorks.
  2. Uninstall any version of SolidWorks you have currently installed as well as any reference to Microsoft SQL 2014. You can do this by opening your Start menu and typing "uninstall" in the search/Cortana bar, and selecting "Add or remove programs".
  3. Once Solidworks is uninstalled on your device, restart your machine.
  4. After restarting, sign back into your account and then open Software Center from the windows search.
  5. You should see "Solidworks 2021" as a program available to install within Software Center.
  6. Click on Solidworks 2021 and then the install button.
  7. Installation may take a while to finish.

When the installation is finished, open SolidWorks 2021 from your desktop. You will need to activate it. You do this by:

  • Selecting Activate now using the internet
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Click Accept

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