Rose-Hulman has partnered with Transact to provide paperless billing and ePayment services. Transact will provide online access to billing information for students and parents, electronic payment notifications, and ePayment options. Any questions regarding Transact and tuition payments should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services at 812-877-8296 or 800-248-7448, or by email at

Important information regarding Transact

  • You will receive your billing reminders at your Rose-Hulman email address.
  • You will have the ability to enroll in additional notifications via text message.
  • All credit card payments must be processed through the Transact site. The Student Financial Services office is no longer able to process credit card payments over the telephone. However, payments made by cash or check will still be accepted in the office.
  • Effective July 5, 2023, the service fee for domestic card payments will be 2.85% and international card payments will be 4.25%.  The minimum service fee for card transactions over $20 and less than $106 will be $3.00.
  • Online ACH (eCheck) payment feature is also available via Transact with no added fee.
  • International Fund Transfer payments are available with competitive exchange rates.
  • Transact is not available via Web4Proxy. Students will be required to create a Transact account for parents or other authorized payers. These individuals will be able to view the student’s account information and make online payments.
  • Authorized payers access Transact for all payment processing by clicking on Online Tuition Payment, located under Financial Aid and Costs on the Parents page of the Rose-Hulman web site.
  • Note that all saved payer information (like credit card or bank account data) is removed if the Password is reset for a parent or authorized payer.

Transact Instructions for Students

  1. Log in to your Banner Web account by clicking on the Banner Web link at the bottom of our webpage at
  2.  Click on the Payments tab.
  3. Click on Transact Payments Student Account Online.
  4. To add authorized users, click Add New under the Parent PINs section.
  5. Create a unique PIN/USERNAME for each authorized user. Note: It is recommended to use the email address of the authorized user for their PIN/USERNAME.
  6. An email will be sent to the authorized user with their PIN/USERNAME and temporary password. When the authorized user initially logs in, he or she will be prompted to create a new password

Transact Instructions for Parents or Other Authorized Users

  1. Have your student add you as an authorized user, as outlined in the Instructions for Students.
  2. Locate the email that was received from Transact containing your PIN/USERNAME and temporary password to access the Transact website.
  3. Click Online Tuition Payment, located under Financial Aid and Costs on the Parents page of the Rose-Hulman web site. (There is a Parents link located at the bottom of
  4. Log in to Transact using the PIN/USERNAME and password provided in the email from Transact.


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