Rose-Hulman's Internet connection, currently 2000Mb/s (or 2gb), is a single, limited resource that everyone accessing the Internet must share. The bandwidth utilization policy applies to individual network accounts, not devices (e.g. desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, etc). This means that the cumulative use of all devices registered to an individual will count toward their bandwidth limit. 

Your data limit is 16GB per 36 hours. 

  • The thresholds are measured in a 36-hour sliding window, not a daily (24 hour) window.
  • There are no bandwidth rate limits imposed on an individual until the total amount of data transferred across all registered devices reaches 16 gigabytes. At that time, the individual will have a 4 Mbps bandwidth rate limit.
  • When a total of 18 gigabytes of data is reached, the individual's bandwidth rate limit is set to 2 Mbps. 
  • Once your window has reset, your bandwidth limits will return to normal.
  • Between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am, data transfers are only counted at 25% (for example, if you use 4GB only 1GB will count against you)
  • On weekends data transfers are counted at 40% (6:00pm on Friday to 6:00am on Monday)
What does not count toward my limit?
  • Netflix. Stream away!
  • OneDrive
  • DFS software downloads
  • Everything on the internal network (Moodle, Banner, MyRose, etc)
  • Windows Updates

  Internet performance will be monitored for average and total utilization. Changes to the thresholds, bandwidth rates, and off-hours may be made to maintain effective service levels.

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