Rose-Hulman incoming freshman for the new school year will receive their username and password during or after the first week of May. These will be posted to their applicant status portal, which is the same site where they view their application decision. This is the same process for both US and international students. 

Once students receive their username and password information, they must set up their password recovery verification methods immediately. You may do this by:

  • Visiting and log in with your RHIT email address and current password.
  • On this screen, look for Security info box and click on UPDATE INFO and follow the prompts (we strongly recommend setting up both a cell phone number and a personal email address. Do not use your RHIT email as your recovery email)
  • When you are finished setting up your verification options, return to the View Account screen and this time look for the Password box and click on CHANGE PASSWORD and follow the prompts.

This is for your own benefit so you can recover your password on your own in the event it expires or is forgotten. 

Please keep track of your credentials!  If a password is lost or forgotten, you can reset using Microsoft Online Password Reset

These processes have been established to help keep student accounts and personal information secure and are non-negotiable.

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