The Bulletin Board can be used to post messages to the campus community for personal business such as buying or selling textbooks, seeking ride share opportunities and items lost and found.  All students, staff and faculty have access to post to the Bulletin Board.  Be aware that these posts are able to be viewed by the whole campus community.   To post to the Bulletin Board, please do the following:

  1. Please access the Rose-Hulman intranet site:
  2. The Rose-Hulman intranet will open and you will see a group of Quick Links.  Click Bulletin Board under Quick Links. 
  3. To post a new announcement, click on Add a Post.
  4. Add a Title for your post and add your message as well as contact info, if relevant to the body. Choose the BB Category for your posting.  Then click Save.
  5. Your posting will be added to the list.

To view a shortburst training regarding the Bulletin Board, please click here

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