To check if your device is still registered to the wireless network


Any internet capable device on campus

Checking to see if your Device is still Registered to the Wireless Network:

If your laptop, smart phone or tablet is showing that it is connecting to the internet, but there is no connection when a web browser is opened, you may need to register your device. 
  1. To check on your registration, locate your MAC address. If you need assistance locating your MAC address, please see one of the following articles:
  1. Once you have located your MAC address, use Clearpass to check your registered devices.  To access Clearpass, visit the EIT My.Rose-Hulman site and click on the Register Network Device
  1. Click on the Manage Devices tab to view your registered devices.  If the MAC address for your device is not listed among your device registrations, your device will need to be registered before it can connect to the internet.  See the following article for the steps on registering your device.

  1. After registering your device, it should be ready to connect to the internet, but if you still have problems, visit the EIT Service Desk for assistance.  

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