To change your Windows (computer) password, log in to your device using your username and password. If your machine has been reimaged at the Service Desk, Service Desk personnel will provide you with the default password.

  1. Once Windows loads, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then click "Change a password".
  2. If changing the .\localmgr password, replace the contents of the first text box (which should default to <computer name>\<username>) with .\localmgr. Otherwise, skip this step.
  3. In the "Old Password" field, enter your current password. 
  4. In the "New Password" field, enter your new personal password.
  5. Repeat your personal password in the next field, then press enter.

If you need assistance with changing your password, please visit the EIT Service Desk located in the lower level of Crapo Hall. 


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