EIT provides a public Linux machine for general purpose use. This machine has access to the AFS file system for creation and storage of files. It has two Intel Xeon processors with six cores per processor and 72GB of memory. The name of the machine is

You must use the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to logon to the system. SecureCRT by VanDyke is one program that will allow you to make a secure connection. From SecureCRT, you will need to create a new connection using the hostname of

Once you are connected to the server, a prompt for your username and network password will appear. Enter your username and network password and press enter. After a successful login, a prompt will appear.

To logout, simply type logout from a prompt and press Enter.
To Install and Setup Addiator
Install SecureCRT from Software Center


In Hostname type

Click Accept & Save

Type username

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