Here is a list of free resources and paid subscription services for music and video:

Free Music

Spotify -- Free Online Radio 

iHeartRadio -- Free Online Radio 

AOL Radio – Online Radio – Free Internet Radio Stations. Sports, News, Talk & Music stations.
LAST.FM – Online Radio – describes itself as “a music recommendation service”, a place to discover new music. recommends you more music and concerts, based on your taste.
Live365 – Internet Radio Network – Offers 260+ genres of streaming music, talk, and audio.
Pandora Radio – You can create up to 100 unique “station” – to play only music you’ll love.
Radio-Locator – A search engine for finding radio stations in the US and around the world.
RadioTower – RadioTower provides descriptions, details and ratings of thousands of live, instant access radio feeds.
SHOUTcast – Offers 40,000+ Free Internet Radio Stations
Yahoo! Music – For free radio, music videos, blogs, music news and more.

 Music subscription services (sites to pay and download music)
Amazon Music:
Most services will offer a trial period – free of charge. 
Check out a list of reviews on music download websites:
Or a side by side comparison of them:

Free Video, Television, and Movies



Other providers
Rose-Hulman RHA – RHA sponsors a movie streaming service called Residence Life Cinema which can be found at:  This service is only accessible when connected through a wired Ethernet port in the Residence Halls.  Students pay an RHA fee for living in the Residence Halls that covers this service.     
Hulu – Hulu has free and paid video service that offers hit TV shows, including Family Guy, Modern Family, Cougar Town and more.
DISH Online – (previously known as Sling) Watch your favorites from PLUS exclusive full length episodes and movies for Dish Network Subscribers.
NetFlix – For a fee, you can stream unlimited TV episodes and movies to your PC or Mac, or to your TV via an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or any other device that streams.

 Music, TV and Movie Download Stores

You can watch a specific TV show or movie or buy a specific song so you can listen to it whenever you wish. An affordable way to build a library of your favorite entertainment is to download it from one or more of the following sites. Check these sites for full details: