SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform from Microsoft. It allows campus groups to share documents and host specialized web applications such as blogs and wikis. SharePoint is not a replacement for group and department webpages but is merely a tool to aid in collaboration.  EIT maintains three SharePoint environments on campus.

This hosts the My Rose-Hulman intranet site.  You can find news and calendar information to stay informed about what’s happening on campus.  Departments can also use this site to share forms, policies and general information.

Every campus user has a homepage (a My Site, in SharePoint verbiage) located at My Sites can be set up for anonymous external access but not for externally-authenticated users.

This environment is used to host internal collaboration sites for departments and groups. The local server is only accessible by Rose-Hulman users. and

Externally-available SharePoint sites are hosted on these servers. web-ext allows external authorization providers; web does not. Both can be configured for anonymous external access.
 For more information about Microsoft Sharepoint see
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