How to download the Rose-Hulman mobile app


iOS, Android


Rose-Hulman credentials


Downloading the Rose-Hulman App:

Downloading the free SharePoint app allows users to access My Rose-Hulman with one touch on their mobile device. After the initial login process (instructions below), users will not have to continue to authenticate when using the app — a current pain point when accessing the platform in a web browser on a mobile device. Follow the steps below to download the app.

From the app store or Google Play:

  1. Download the Microsoft SharePoint app 
  2. Once downloaded, tap on the app. 
  3. You will see two options for signing in. Click on Sign in to SharePoint Server.
  4. Next, you will be asked to enter the address for your organization’s SharePoint server. Type in the following:
  5. Enter your Rose-Hulman account credentials
  6. You will now see the list of the SharePoint sites associated with your Rose-Hulman credentials. (My Rose-Hulman may be the only site listed.) Click on My Rose-Hulman.
  7. You will now have access to My Rose-Hulman from your mobile device and will not be asked to login again. Now you are done. Make sure to tell them what they can do now.

More help:

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