New Windows Update Schedule

New Windows Update Schedule

Microsoft has changed the way they do updates. Starting in 2018, updates will happen twice a year and will be required for your system. The newest update is currently available in Software Center.
  • What does this mean? In short, the update will be pushed to your computer on January 16th at 5:00pm if you have not yet updated. The update takes between 1-2 hours depending on the age and specs of your machine, and will not alter or delete your data. You will not lose saved files, folders, spreadsheets, or other projects. Your desktop will remain unchanged as well.
  • Who will be affected? Anyone with a machine that currently has Windows 8, 8.1, or any previous version of 10. Users with Windows 7 will not be impacted.
  • Why is the update required instead of optional? Microsoft has started implementing a 6-month release cycle for their updates. This means they will release a new update every 6 months, which will be made available to ensure ongoing support.
  • These updates will be happening twice a year? Yes, in January and July.
  • Can I update before January 16th? Yes, absolutely! We encourage everyone to update before the January 16th deadline.
  • I take my laptop/tablet home with me at night. Will my device still update if I am off campus? If you are connected to the VPN while off campus your device will attempt to apply the update, however it could fail. We strongly suggest making plans to leave your device on campus that evening to ensure the update is applied without any issues.
  • How do I update? It can be applied via the Software Center on your computer/tablet. See below for detailed instructions.

To view a video of these instructions, click here.


Step 1) Open your Start menu and type "Software Center" (Note: As you type it should automatically appear as the top suggestion. When it does, click on it).


Step 2) There will be a menu on the left side of the Software Center. Click on the tab labeled "Operating Systems"

Step 3a)  You will see the update listed here. Click on the blue box.

 Step 3b) You will see options to either Install or Schedule.
Install will start the update now. Schedule will start the update after hours. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.

If you want to install now: To start the update immediately, make sure all of your work has been saved, all data has been synced to OneDrive (if you are using it), and your programs/applications are closed. Then click on "install"and confirm install again in the following window:

If you want to install later: If you would rather schedule the update to start at the end of the day, click on "Schedule". You will need to make sure you check the box to restart automatically.

If you experience any issues during the process, please call the Service Desk at x8989 for assistance.
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