Plus addressing, also known as subaddressing, is available for use in Rose-Hulman’s email environment.

What is plus addressing?

Plus Addressing allows you to create additional email addresses. This may be useful if you would like an email address to be specific to a mailing lists or online service.  Plus addressing can facilitate the creation of rules on incoming email to organize them in specific folders in your inbox.  A “plus address” or “sub address” behaves the same as your normal email address, but displays the “Tag” you create in your Outlook client, thereby allowing your inbox rules to act on them.


Creating a plus address

You may add a “+Tag” to your email address where “Tag” is a name of your choosing when providing it for specific purposes. 

The format for creating a plus address is:

[RHIT username]+[Tag]


For example, if your email address is and you want to sign up for a newsletter you could provide the email address  The newsletter would be delivered to your email inbox normally, and you would be able to use filtering rules based on the Tag created.


If you have any questions about plus addressing, please contact the EIT Service Desk.