The easiest way to access DFS is to use File Explorer. You can also use the Run command to open Windows Explorer directly to the DFS root folder.

To access DFS on an RHIT computer:

  1. On the taskbar, click the Start Menu (Windows icon) button or press Windows Key () + E 
  2. For Windows 7: Expand Favorites.
    For Windows 10: Expand Quick Access
  3. Find and click DFS Root. The details pane will list the DFS root folders, and you can double-click them to navigate.

To re-add DFS if it has disappeared, or to add to a non-RHIT computer:

  1. Open the File Explorer
  2. In the address bar, type \\rose-hulman\dfs
  3. Enter your RHIT network credentials
  4. Once logged in and the main folder menu for DFS appears, make sure you are on the Home tab and click on Pin to Quick Access on the far left (thumbtack). This will save the DFS link to your navigation panel.

To start Windows Explorer from the Run dialog box

  1. Click the Start Menu Button (Windows icon)  
  2. In the search box, type run.
  3. In the list of results, find the Run command and single-click it.
  4. In the input field labeled Open, type \\rose-hulman\DFS and press Enter. Doing so will launch Windows Explorer with the DFS root folder selected and the root folders displayed in the details pane.
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