Rose-Hulman network accounts can be temporarily locked due to a large number of failed log-in attempts.  The most likely cause is that your old password has been saved for some network resource either on your laptop or another device.  In Windows, you may view and manage your saved credentials within the “Credential Manager” application.  This application allows you to store credentials and automatically log in to certain websites and network resources.  Accessing the credential manager and clearing credentials will cause these websites and network resources to prompt you to input your credentials again to reconnect. To access the Credential Manager:

  1. Click the Start Button .  Type Credential Manager in the Search Box and press the enter key.  
  2. Credentials may be listed.  Click on the first credential you would like to remove. Then click Remove and select Yes.
  3. Continue removing ALL credentials.

Until this is resolved and all credentials are cleared, you may find that you are intermittently unable to access Rose-Hulman network resources such as DFS or \\  For additional help, please contact the Service Desk at or 812-877-8989.